Hair accessories with a sustainable approach

Our story

BénéSoie is a Danish based brand with a passion for hair care and hair accessories. We hand sew all silk-bands ourselves and make a big effort in finding leftover silk to make sure our production is as sustainable as possible. Furthermore, all our hair clips are made from the plant-based material acetate which is biodegradable.

The story of our silk-bands

For many years the person behind the brand has experienced the damage of using heat on her hair on a daily basis. Frizzy and broken hair was never the look she was going for but was in the end what she got from using a curling iron too often… Therefore, we wanted to create our silk-band and give everyone the opportunity to buy our silk-band set. The purpose of a silk-band is to create the most beautiful curls without the damaging heat from a curling iron.

The story of our biodegradable hair clips

A year after creating the silk-band we got the idea of biodegradable hair clipsThe main reason why we decided to produce own hair clips was that all the hair clips Benedikte used for many years kept falling out of thick hair. Most of them were also digging into her scalp making it very uncomfortable to wear even for a few hours. Therefore, we made sure that our hair clips have one of the strongest hold on the hair clip market. Our clips can hold any type of hair all day long and you barely even notice them in your hair since they are super comfortable. 

We know that you easily can find cheaper plastic hair clips everywhere nowadays. But we can ensure you that the quality of these hair clips and our hair clips are very different. Since plastic hair clips easily break we decided to create our clips in acetate which is made from natural fibres and is biodegradable. This makes our hair clips a lot more flexible and more comfortable to wear. 

Our production

Behind BénéSoie is three generations; the person behind the brand, Benedikte, her mother, Anette, and her grandmother, Rita. Behind the sewing machine is grandmother Rita who has been sewing throughout her whole life. Benedikte is the one designing all our hair clips while Anette sew all closures on the silk-bands by hand. When you have placed your order Benedikte and Anette are the ones to make sure your order are packed correctly and nicely. 

We make all our silk-bands ourselves which means all of them are 100% handmade with love. Each and one of our silk-bands are created with love, from design to production to packing.

At Béné Soie we always want to do our best to make sure our products are as sustainable as possible. This is our moral throughout the whole process all the way from finding materials, during the production and wrapping.

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